5 Technologies to Protect Our Food Supply

Technology has aided our lives in many ways for decades. Though there are both positive and negative repercussions due to the advent use of technology, we can’t really live without it.

Even the food we eat is made safe and palatable with the help of technology. Here are five technologies that help in keeping our food supply safe:


Microwave and Radio Frequency Electric Field is a method where electromagnetic waves are passed through the food to generate heart in certain materials. This method is increasingly being referred to the traditional heating methods for pasteurization and sterilization.

This technology not only saves time when compared to traditional heating but one can adjust the temperature based on the material being heated too. This makes it easier to sterilize the food items.

Ohmic Heating

This is an advanced thermal processing method where the temperature of the food items is increased rapidly with the help of electric currents. The entire food, be it a can of soup, juice or even stews are heated in this method. This provides a better post-processing quality for the food products and also increases the shelf lives, thus making it very economical and a good business investment.

Infrared Heating

This is a new technology being increasingly used to pasteurize meat products on the surface level. The infrared rays are used to generate a low heat at the surface level of these ready to eat meat products so that the bacteria on the surface levels are killed.

High-Pressure Processing

This technology has been in play ever since the 1990s and has been effectively used to inactivate the heat-sensitive microbes in both liquid and solid foods. In this method, the high pressure interferes with the cellular functioning of the microbes and kills them.

Pest Control

While the above technologies and methods are used to keep the food safe in the supply chain, the pest control technologies are used to keep the food safe right from the start till the end. no matter what technology is used in the warehouses, if there is a pest issue, one can never be too sure of the safety of the food items. Hence companies employ professionals like Clark Pest Control to ensure the food stored is safe at all times.