We as a family love to spend a lot of time in from of the TV. The little one will be busy doing her thing apart from constantly disturbing us ever few minutes. Despite that we enjoy out TV time together.

All About Android TV

With the onset of technological developments in TVs, we were curious to change to the latest technology, because frankly that is our only source of entertainment. Once we started researching about these Android TVs, this is what we learnt:

These TVs can be connected to your Android device and can be used like one too. The screen is bigger and the quality of picture is better too.

If you want to stream movies from Netflix, you can do so, on these TVs and watch any number of shows and movies just like you would on your computer

Since your TV can double up as a computer, one need not go from room to room to use the computer and TV and can get all the work done in one place on one device.

This seemed very convenient and we decided to invest in the best Android TV box in the market. But that is when we realized, it was not going to come cheap. Buying these TVs can definitely burn a hole in your pocket. Especially since these TV are improvised every few months.

This is why one should have sound knowledge about these gadgets and choose wisely. When you choose properly, not only will you be having the best entertainment unit at home but your budget is taken care of too.

Cheaper Option

So what did we do? Instead of spending on a new TV we opted for a cheaper option. We invested in Google Chromecast and out home entertainment unit has never been the same ever since. Now we get to do so much more on our TV and it was all done within our limited budget.