No matter how beloved your car is there will come a time when you must let it go. Should you face such a time you must know what your car is worth and if you are getting the right deal. There are several ways to assess your car’s worth based on the mileage, condition, age, interiors and other such factors. As a rule cars with a history of accidents fetch a lower price than those which have led a less adventurous life.

Here are a few steps to which will guide you in determining the value of your car.

Vehicle mileage: Two cars the same model, make and year will fetch two different prices based on the mileage and how well the car was maintained. Mileage is the distance traveled by car within a stipulated time. Thus cars with minimum mileage will fetch a better rate than those that have traveled widely and have seen many miles in their lifetime. Used car dealers generally estimate a car’s worth by comparing its mileage against an accepted benchmark of  15000 km a year. Anything more than that will lower the price of the vehicle.

Extras: The other feature often taken into account is the overall condition of the car and any additions that you might have added for your use. GPS system, clean, stain-free and tear-free upholstered interiors, heated seats, functional air conditioner and sound system will add value to the vehicle; though these features are not essential they have the power to tilt the balance in your favor.

Hence, should you choose a to sell your car you must ensure that it is in good condition?Choose from different car manufacturer parts in London and replace spares to attract a better price.

Present economic conditions in the nation, the make, and model of the car and the demand for the model and the season of the year are other factors that determine how much your old car can fetch for you.