We see computers right round us. With everything going digitalised, the use of computers and technology is getting higher. From grocery shops to hospitals computers are an essential part in our daily activities.

But, what happens if that computer fails? Especially at hospitals or super markets, or at a software organisation?when there are loads of people waiting for the output of an action? Its one hell experience to all of them! imagine about your home PC, turning down without any warning, when you are amidst an important project, or when you have saved all your data into it, safely?

Taking care of computers is an essential job, to be followed regularly. Else, when they throw up, our lives would become miserable, especially in locations like USA, UK, Australiawhere the people depend solely on computers for many tasks. Brisbane is one of the cities to have great technicians round the clock, ready to fix the problems of your computer, in a jiff.  Computer repairs servicing the northside of Brisbane technicians are out of the world, with their in-depth knowledge and the quick service they provide in times of emergencies.

The role of computer technicians and support engineers are very crucial, for they help to make our lives better. are you one of them looking to start up a career in computer repairs? Here is what you must know about!

  • First, know what’s there inside a clean System:

Yes, this is very important. Knowing what’s there on a clean system, the features and attributes of different programs will help you restore them back to its normal position if things fall out of place.

  • General hardware and software knowledge:

This is essential, a basic knowledge about all the hardware components and its working and the software components and its working areimportant. Learn and memorise the socket types, memory drives and all that related to CPU. Basic and strong knowledge about OS is mandated.

  • Networking problem fixes:

Learn to troubleshoot networking problems.

  • Learn to Remove Viruses
  • Learn to Recover data from a Non-Booting OS
  • Understand Windows Licensing

We hope all this will help you.