Social media has taken a special place in every ones life in the last few decades. It feels fragmental the day we do not show up on our beloved social network. So much is the love and thus it demands security and privacy.

To make the best use of the social media, the users have to be alert and get into practicing some basic rules.

  • Share information that is not too personal. As, identity theft or impersonation becomes achievable.
  • Be sure of whom you are connecting with. Sometimes, we accept requests of people we faintly remember or don’t even remember to have ever met. This habit, however casual, can land one in trouble.
  • Do not share details of your whereabouts on the social media. People who enjoy such information sharing often are ideal victims.
  • Do not encourage tricky commenting in any way on social media.
  • Keep your passwords strong. Do not keep passwords that are easy to guess.
  • Avoid sharing photos of every nook and corner of your lives. Your lifestyle can give away hints to prying eyes. I use this free online privacy app for sharing my favorite photos to dear ones.
  • The privacy controls of your social media account should allow only friends to view your updates.
  • Watch out for fraud and imposter friends. Sometimes, hacked accounts keep sending messages or invites, and that is definitely a danger.

The need to show ones state of mind to the world is taking a competitive streak. However, alluring and satisfying it appears to be, it carries huge risks. It is like leaving your home for a vacation, locking the gate with a sturdy lock and trumpeting aloud about the house being empty.

So, keep alert while enjoying the web of people but do not be caught like a fly.