My grandmother always stressed on eating fresh and healthy. Those days oil was less used. Butter was used for all dishes, whether it was deep frying kebabs or making flatbreads. They liked the use of homemade butter. Now, however, the outlook has changed. We must be very careful what we eat and use for cooking. The onset of major lifestyle diseases has made us very particular about what we eat. And the growing awareness of vegetables has turned many a meat lover a vegan.


Healthy eating

The need to categorize the food we get to the food we cook and finally eat has now become a top priority. Mothers too are feeding kids the healthiest of food. Though it is natural for youngsters to rebel and crave for junk. But eating right accompanied by good exercise could create wonders for a healthy lifestyle. Eating fruits is easy and can be easily incorporated into our regular diet. But vegetables can be a tricky option as it tastes good only if its cooked right. So, we need to steam, to marinate to use the right mixture of spices to appeal to all pallets. For meat eaters, it is good to accompany it with some vegetables high in fiber.

Mode of cooking

Grilling, stir-fry, steaming is a much better mode of cooking then deep fry, batter fry or even shallow fry. The frying in oil can not only increase the calorie intake but can destroy the benefits of the food. It leads to overcooking and ruining of all the vitamins and other nutrients present. This lead to the invention of air-fryer. A new appliance in the market which uses just a brush of oil on the food to fry. This gives an effect of deep frying but keeps the nutrients intact. A must-have for all who love eating healthy and tasty food. It is easily available online, so go to this Spanish page to buy the best air fryer for yourself and your family.