2020 is only a few years away, yet it’s likely that we will see huge technological advances by then, especially tech toys for the children. As soon as we buy the latest gadget it seems like there’s a newer model available straight away. Some gadgets and tech never take off, but some surge in popularity and almost everyone gets involved – here are some ideas for what you can expect from your tech by 2020.

For example, the 3D printing industry is expected to soar in popularity in the next few years thanks to its multitude of applications. Whilst the printers will likely remain too pricey for most home-users to think about purchasing one, they can be exceptionally useful in the medical industry. Expect to see more and more 3D printed objects within the next few years.

It’s likely that solar power will rise in popularity by 2020. This could in turn help towards getting the whole globe connected to the electricity grid. If we can find ways to reduce the cost of producing solar panels, they will become more and more accessible, and energy costs should eventually go down.

It’s possible by 2020 that friendly bacteria living in our bodies could be helping provide cures for diseases. By studying the bacteria, scientists will be able to understand our internal dynamics. We may also be able to regenerate damaged organs in the same way within the next couple of years too.

Cloud systems will take off over the next few years – the demand for external storage is expected to drop drastically. What’s more, the entire house can be connected to the cloud soon too, something which is already beginning. We will be able to control everything remotely, providing reassurance when travelling, and allowing you to save energy and money.