Even if you have a great home theater system at home you might sometimes not get the desired output. This is often due to the wrong placement of the speakers or the wrong choice of components. This would make your whole expense go a waste. Here are the common home theater mistakes that you should avoid:

  1. Placing the TV too high:

Do not fix the right level while you are standing. The most comfortable viewing angle would be the eye level. Some place the TV at a higher level assuming that this would make it better viewable. But to watch movies and play games this would be very inconvenient.

  1. Ignoring the lighting conditions

Direct sunlight can damage your home theater components. But that is not all. Your viewing experience would be marred if there is too much light in the room. Keep this in mind while positioning the home theater system as well as while choosing the right blinds for the windows in the room.

  1. Settling for cheaper components:

Some non-branded items might be available at half the price of similar good quality items. But settling for cheaper goods would often weigh down the output quality. If you are looking for the best sound output, read through the reviews and pick the best components. A home theater would after all be a long term investment.

  1. Ignoring the power protection:

Power ratings of all the components in the music system should be considered when you choose power outlets. Most of these come with sensitive electronic circuits. Even the slightest variation in the power, surges and spikes can damage the components. So invest on proper power protection setups.

  1. Improper ventilation of the setup:

Some choose to place speakers and components within cabinets or shelves. If the space is restricted it might lead to heating up of the components and eventually damage them.