Control And Monitor Industrial Machines Using Our Real-Time System

Industrial workers and technicians are assisted by machines in the manufacturing processes, which is the fundamental change brought about by the historic industrial revolution. This has exponentially increased production quantity as well as quality. The humans will be assessed continuously by their senior management for improving their performance. A similar process is done for machines too, by the machines.

Real-time and remote access system

Most of the earlier systems for data acquisition and control used the unidirectional method of wireless connection in which the user could not interact with it. We introduce our new system for real-time monitoring of processes and parameters of industrial machines equipped with remote access control.

The system is based on our proprietary real-time controlling technology, for which process and product patents are pending. It has been designed for efficiently carrying out acquisition, data saving, analyzing and processing the data to give a real time output. The remote access server uses radio frequency waves instead of wireless connection.

The features of our system are:

  • Suitable for controlling various parameters such as accuracy and precision, speed, batch counts, sealing, humidity, temperature, volume, and pressure.
  • Easy to use and manage bi-directional user interface system with supporting software for guidelines, independent of heavy traffic wireless connections.
  • Two types of operating system based on customer requirement and application: based on Linux and Windows NT.
  • Foolproof data acquisition system which can be efficiently managed by the remote access and hence controlling the parameters without delay is made possible.
  • Security provisions integrated into the operating system with access control.
  • Continuous LCD display with warning alarms and task scheduling facility.
  • Optional facility of GPRS and Ethernet included for transmission of data.

Our new system is a major advancement in the field of industrial machine control with remarkable improvement in speed, reliability, safety, flexibility, real-time user interface operation and is also cost-effective at the same time.