Features Of Sky Broadband

Sky is a well-known brand for it satellite TV services. It was started way back in 1997 as a digital TV service and has grown into a company that is now one of the biggest ISPs in the United Kingdom. When it comes to the Sky deals, there are plenty of things they offer – Students’ broadband packages, vouchers and some of the best deals.

Sky’s Services

There are lots of services that Sky offers. They are


Sky offers ADSL services that have a speed of up to 17Mb or fiber optic broadband that has a speed of up to 76Mb through a landline telephone.


When Sky’s Broadband services are subscribed, it comes with the telephone service. This telephone service is required for the broadband connection to work even though it is not used for making voice calls.


Sky is famous for its satellite TV service and they offer lots of channels. If their TV service, phone, and broadband services are combined and taken, then one gets huge offers.


Sky has also set its foot in the mobile services and offers powerful plans where the customers get benefitted by many offers.

More on Sky Broadband Packages

Sky Broadband is available in a variety of packages to suit the requirements of different people.

The Budget package is Sky’s ADSL broadband package. There is a discount period in the first year and after that, the running cost is low.

For gamers, the Sky Fibre broadband is the most suitable option. The download speed is 76Mb and there are unlimited packages available. Hence, downloading new games that are of big size is not a problem.

For students, there are lots of deals offered but only for a limited period of time during the year.

There are also other offers that come with the TV bundle. These offers give a lot of flexibility.

Sky’s magic lies in the fact that it offers complete home entertainment as a bundle and one can save a lot if they buy them as a bundle.