How Organic Farmers Use Technology

Organic farming is the talk of the town because we have an increasing demand for food with the decreasing availability of farming lands. Vertical gardening and hydroponics are providing solutions to the problem of space constraints. There are several ways in which organic farmers today use technology to be able to take better care of the crops and to be able to multiply the yield. This improves the efficiency of the farming process and reduces the problems caused by famine.

Crop health monitoring

When there are huge cultivations it would be difficult for the farmers to evaluate individual crops to check for diseases. Pest control and disease management in agricultural lands become easier with the use of drones. There could be different strategies used to check for anomalies in crop health. Reflection levels of transmitted light from the drones could be used to compare the data collected from damaged or infected crops and the healthy ones. This can help prevent crop diseases from spreading.

Farming equipment

Right from plowing the soil to the sowing of the seeds and harvesting, farmers can hasten the processes without significantly increasing the expenses on manpower. There is sophisticated agricultural equipment available today for the different steps involved in farming.

There is a thin line between use and overuse

Though technology can be a great tool to aid farmers there should be a line of demarcation that indicates where conventional methods still can be better than advancements. For example, the use of manmade chemical fertilizers can be great to increase the yield but they can affect the soil health in the long run. Technology can instead be used to quickly create natural manure.

Most of the issues that agriculture faces are caused by increasing levels of pollutants in the land, water, and air. The use of renewable energy can be a great way to curb this problem. To make this happen, and to get a better picture of renewable energy concepts to visit ClimateCounts website.