Know About Lynx Hilo

A lot of people might not be familiar with a Lynx Hilo. It is a two channel A-D/ D-A converter which is of mastering quality and also it is a free standing converter. Lynx Hilo the device for professionals is different from other converters on the basis of the employment of the DAC chips and the way it has been designed.

The I/O configuration is usually standard for all types of converters. But it has a colored touchscreen which is of 480X272 pixels with which the front panel is dominated. It does provide the means that can be used to control and configure the unit. It has an internal router which has a dimension of 32X32 that offers DSP power and facilities for channel mixing so that any analytical or processing function is enabled. Such features make any operation flexible and simple.

The Hilo has a single line input on the XLR sockets but 3 independent outputs which are a monitor (TRS jack), a line (XLR) and a headphone (TRS) which is quite powerful. Its digital side consists of ADAT, AES3 (XLR), USB 2, S/ PDIF.

Both the line inputs and outputs have maximum signal levels that can be independently adjusted. A maximum level of +10dBu can be provided by the monitor output by default which can be suitable for the powerful monitors.

Lynx Hilo is an intellectually and visually attractive device which is very logical and reliable. It has a standard which matches other good converters and it has a very efficient technical performance. It has a very refined and controlled sound. Also its soundstage is very precise and polished. It has a superb stereo imaging and its sense of depth is great. With absolute fidelity, Hilo maintains a stereo imaging separation and precision. It definitely excels as a digital router as well as a two channel A-D/ D-A converter.