MongoDB Tools and Techniques in Denver

I’m really excited for our upcoming mongo meetup (July 31, 2013) in Denver! We will be discussing various software to manage mongoDB such as GUI apps for mongo, how to monitor mongoDBmigrate RDBMS databases to Mongo, and run benchmarks on MongoDB with GO!

MongoDB Topics

We have about five formal speakers for this next meetup, with some informal conversations and social time before and after the presenters. If you’re interested in speaking or sharing at any future meetup, don’t wait to contact me, just bring your laptop and show and tell!

MongoDB Monitoring Service (MMS)

Anthony Hildoer will be giving us a quick introduction into 10gen’s MMS. MongoDB Monitoring Service is a free, cloud-based service provided by 10gen for monitoring MongoDB deployments in real time. It collects statistics on all key server and hardware indicators and presents the data in a web console. Designed specifically for mongo, MMS provides users the visibility they need to manage and optimize their deployments.

Tricks and Tools to manage your Data

I will be speaking about various applications for managing your databases such as MongoHubServer Density, and other tools for importing MySQL into Mongo, monitoring the mongod services on your servers, and viewing your data in a clean and simplistic interface.

MongoDB Aggregation Framework and ODM vs Native Driver

John Cox will be talking about his experiences using MongoDB with Ruby on Rails and Sinatra. He has overcome many obstacles and challenges dealing with performance, and has found that in many cases and contexts the Aggregation framework and Native Driver are better to use than the simplicity provided by ODM layers like Mongoid.

Benchmarks with Go

Levi Cook and Cory LaNou will be talking about how they use Golang with MongoDB. Since Go is equipped with some of the best benchmarking tools of any language, it has major gains in analyzing write throughput from app to db. They will also be talking about the pros and cons of sharding in MongoDB when it comes to high volume of writes.

I look forward to this meetup, and will be posting slides, photos and videos on the meetup page afterwards! Spread the word!

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